The Vulnerability of IoT: Deep Thoughts from an Expert

The Vulnerability of IoT: Deep Thoughts from an Expert

The speed of Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is creating opportunities for startups developing IoT security solutions. But at what cost? VLAB Blogger Michelle McIntyre sat down with Ravi Prasad, chair of VLAB’s IoT Security: High Stakes for Billions of Devices event happening Tuesday, Feb. 21, 6-8:30 pm at SRI International Conference Center, to discuss this further. Prasad also elaborates on why VLAB inspires him, and as an added bonus, names his favorite IoT device.

What is your day job?

I manage the life cycle of software solutions and provide strategic business direction.

Why did you join VLAB? How did you hear about it?

I heard about VLAB and decided to attend the monthly pitch meeting. I was impressed with the opportunity to express creative ideas as well as the openness to discussions about disruptive innovations.

What did you learn about Internet of Things while chairing this panel?

I learned that the explosion of IoT devices is inevitable. IoT is an attempt to give humans the power and control of everything they want to interact with independent of the physical location of those objects.  There has been a mad rush to grab this opportunity; businesses have invested in software application development, hardware devices, system integration and data storage. However, security vulnerabilities have been taken for granted. This is not because of ignorance, it’s due to the lack of security standards. This will not last long, although it is a complex challenge to handle.

Many startups and large companies are investing to address these IoT security vulnerabilities. These devices are mushrooming in every industry including healthcare, transportation, energy, manufacturing and home automation.

What is your favorite IoT device and why?

The smartphone is my favorite by far due to its multifaceted functions.

What is your philosophy of life?

Be happy.

Final thoughts?

Every gathering of VLAB is an attempt to make this world a better place; I feel privileged and proud to be part this journey.

We have a formed a fantastic panel, the brains behind solving IoT security exposures in the major sectors.  Please bring your questions and concerns to our Tuesday event, and you will be delighted to hear the latest from the sources directly.


This story is by VLAB volunteer Michelle McIntyre.  For more details about Ravi Prasad’s background visit his LinkedIn page here.


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