Human Augmentation: Blurring the Line Between Biology & Technology

November, 2014

Human Augmentation: Blurring the Line Between Biology & Technology 2015-10-27T00:35:07+00:00

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The true age of the bionic man is upon us. Innovative new technologies are restoring and enhancing human sensory and motor functions like never before. Setting a new standard for quality of life and physiological enhancement, their creators enrich human capacities in ways only imagination could promise in the past.

Entrepreneurs and private investors are innovating with low cost materials, sensors, and computation, to quickly replace the clumsy solutions of the past.

What will the glasses, hearing aids, prosthetic, and wheelchairs of today look like in the near future? How will new ventures and entrepreneurs change the meaning of “disability”? What new industries will spawn to meet new customers demands?

Join us as we hear from entrepreneurs to discover how innovation blurs the lines between biology and technology, and explore the implications of what some call Human 2.0.


Corinna E. Lathan, Ph.D., P.E., Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AnthroTronix


Peter Hadrovic, President, Sonitus Technologies Inc
Nathaniel McCaffrey, Vice President of Engineering, Ekso Bionics
Shahin Farshchi,Partner, Lux Capital
Jeremy Crowell, Director of Central Fabrication, Hosmer, a Fillauer Company

Demo companies:

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