NoSQL & Big Data: Scaling the Enterprise into the New Age ***Video Available***

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
6:00 - 7:00pm  Networking and Refreshments
7:00 - 8:30pm  Panel Discussion and Q&A


Stanford Graduate School of Business
CEMEX Auditorium at Knight Management Center
641 Knight Way, Stanford, CA
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Event Description:

0 to 50 million users in 50 days? Disruptive scaling is painless with NoSQL. 

Even enterprises have taken notice. They are using the same technology that propelled Google, Facebook and Amazon to massive success by analyzing petabytes of data from sensors, social media and commerce demographics. Imagine: If power companies had real-time analytics from all the log files in the grid to improve response time in emergencies. Or if the sales team had insightful analytics about trouble tickets or other call center issues... before they got an escalation from their customer's executives. 

Worth of this ‘Big Data’ market is projected to reach $53 billion in five years, and NoSQL is open-source. How can startups cash in, and how will incumbents respond? 

Come join the discussion and learn about: 

  • What new analysis and business disruption can NoSQL and related technologies unlock in the enterprise market?
  • Is there more value to be made higher up the stack in an analysis software?
  • How do companies build successful businesses with open source software?
  • Can startups provide the same level of professional services and support expected from an enterprise vendor? 



Robert Scoble, Startup Liaison Officer at Rackspace Hosting

James Phillips, Director, Co-Founder & Sr. VP, Products at Couchbase

Max Schireson, President at 10gen, the company that develops and supports MongoDB

Doug Cutting, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Apache Software Foundation, Founder of Hadoop

Andrew Mendelsohn, SVP, Database Server Technologies, Oracle

Ravi Mohan, Managing Director, Shasta Ventures


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