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Personal evolution through self tracking


Tuesday, March 20, 2012 
6:00 - 7:00pm  Networking and Refreshments
7:00 - 8:30pm  Panel Discussion and Q&A


Stanford Graduate School of Business
CEMEX Auditorium at Knight Management Center

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Event Description
What happens when we add the power of Social/Mobile and always-on personal devices to the evolving health markets. Peer pressure (social reinforcement) and data tracking have significantly contributed to the success of the $11B self improvement and $55B weight loss markets. Legacy business such as Weight Watchers have relied on snippets of painstakingly input data. How will the game be changed when personal data goes from a drop in the bucket to an ocean? 
Large companies, as well as, garage hackers are leveraging smaller, cheaper sensors and powerful mobile devices are accelerating the virtuous circle of goal setting, data collection, analysis and social motivation necessary to stimulate lasting and steady gains in health, sports performance or other areas of self evolution. 

What new perspectives do start ups provide using sensors and on-line services, to disrupt and support the incumbents in self evolution and health? And, what is needed for break-out success?
  • What new opportunities will exist in widespread tracking?
  • How do you keep users engaged long enough to make meaningful changes? 
  • Will a start-up create virality to accelerate growth, become a category killer?
  • What are the challenges of collecting and applying meaningful data? 
  • What incentives are effective to encourage adoption outside of tracker enthusiasts and early adopters? 
  • Can a single offering service survive or will those aggregating multiple data streams dominate?
  • Can these services grow on an ad based model or is a subscription necessary?
  • How are companies using social motivation to encourage consistent engagement and long term participation?

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  • Gary Wolf, Co-Founder, The Quantified Self & Editor, Wired Magazine


  • Rick Lee, CEO of Healthrageous
  • Mark S. Gainey, Co-Founder Strava, Inc
  • Leslie Ziegler, Creative Director, Rock Health
  • James Park, CEO & Co-Founder, Fitbit
  • Greg LeMond, Three-Time Winner of the Tour de France


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