Data Exhaust Alchemy - Turning the Web's Waste into Solid Gold


Tuesday, January 19, 2010
6:00pm - 7:00pm - Networking and Refreshment
7:00pm - 8:30pm - Panel Discussion and Q/A


Arbuckle Lounge and Bishop Auditorium at Stanford Business School
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Event Description:

The internet and social media create a mountain of random, unstructured, and at times ephemeral data by-products, which may appear to be trash. Yet, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.From FaceBook to Netflix, people are spending more time sharing their thoughts, opinions, plans and perspectives as they socialize and conduct business online. With each of these Internet exchanges traces of information,or Data Exhaust, are left behind. When correlated or combined, these snippets can provide insight into political views, professional achievements,purchasing behaviors, and demographic information—pinpointing trend setters and leading indicators. Brilliant innovators now re-purpose this data stream, aggregating and analyzing the data to provide new products or services.

Consumers realize that the data they voluntarily contribute can help them and others make decisions, providing true value—improving their movie selections on Netflix, their music selections on Pandora, career paths of a company’s employees on Linkedin, and which sellers can be trusted on Ebay. In turn, they want to be treated fairly as individuals by the companies they utilize and support.

This event brings together experts, entrepreneurs, and investors to explore the business opportunities arising from the innovative ways Data Exhaust is being harnessed.



Roger Magoulas, Research Director, O'Reilly Media Inc.

Research Director at O'Reilly since 2004, Roger has been involved in data warehouse and quantitative analysis roles for more than 16 years both as an internal resource and as a consultant. At O'Reilly, Roger is involved in both quantitative and qualitative analysis, building a data warehouse infrastructure, including a multi-terabyte jobs data mart, and research projects covering big data, Facebook applications, geolocation technologies and other topics.

Prior to O'Reilly, Roger worked as a data warehouse consultant, helping build data warehouse and analysis infrastructures for organizations like the San Francisco Opera, the Alberta Motor Club, QAD Software, DigitalThink and Ofoto (Kodak Gallery), often deploying open source tools and platforms. Before consulting, Roger ran the research team at Sybase and helped build an early data warehouse at Pacific Bell.

Roger has an MBA from the Haas School of Business at Cal Berkeley, and BA degrees in Computer Science from Cal State Hayward and Finance from the University of Connecticut.


JB (Mike John-Baptiste) CEO, PeerSet

JB spent the last 14 years fueling technology companies where his emphasis has ranged from b2c and b2b digital media to financial technology. In all cases JB has played key roles in steering his companies into new markets with new partners. As CEO of Peerset, JB is responsible for evolving the Company's product set, expanding the marketplace for customers and partners and seeking additional investment capital for future growth.

Before joining Peerset, JB was SVP at JumpTV a digital video company operating international tv and sports sites.  He managed a 23-person team responsible for sales and distribution, sports programming, account management and distribution alliances.

JB spent five years in financial technology startups and five years at two investment banks including Robertson Stephens where he was a founding member of the Private Capital Group.  During his four years with the firm he assisted dozens of entrepreneurs in obtaining venture capital and contributed to successful public offerings with digital pioneers such as Excite and CBS Sportsline.
JB is a resident of San Francisco and a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in Economics.

Dr. DJ Patil, Chief Scientist and Sr. Director of Product, LinkedIn

Dr.Patil is responsible for all analytics projects including reporting, web analytics, as well as products on the site that take advantage of leveraging LinkedIn's unique data set. Some of their products include, People You May Know, Who Viewed My Profile, and the recommendation engines.

Previous to LinkedIn, Dr.Patil was a Distinguished Research Scientist and the Director for Strategy, Product, and Analytics of Corporate Architecture at eBay Inc.  He's conducted research in a wide array of areas as faculty at the University of Maryland where he helped start a major research initiative on numerical weather prediction.  In 2001 he jointly received a 21st Century Award from the James S. McDonnell Foundation for innovative and ground breaking work on characterizing the complexity of weather. Two of his research papers are currently ranked #1 and #9 as the most cited papers in their areas.

As an AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow for the Department of Defense, Dr. Patil directed new efforts to leverage social network analysis and the melding of computational and social sciences to anticipate emerging threats to the US. He also co-chaired a major review of US efforts to prevent bioweapons proliferation in Central Asia and co-founded the Iraqi Virtual Science Library (IVSL). In 2006 the Iraqi Ambassador to the US hailed the IVSL as one of the most important projects for education and helping Iraqi scientists, doctors, and engineers rebuild their country.

Jeff Hammerbacher, Vice President of Products and Chief Scientist, Cloudera

Jeff was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Accel Partners immediately prior to co-founding Cloudera. Before Accel, he conceived, built, and led the Data team at Facebook. The Data team was responsible for driving many of the applications of statistics and machine learning at Facebook, as well as building out the infrastructure to support these tasks for massive data sets. The team produced two open source projects: Hive, a system for offline analysis built above Hadoop, and Cassandra, a structured storage system on a P2P network. Before joining Facebook, Jeff was a quantitative analyst on Wall Street. Jeff earned his Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Harvard University.

Mark Breier, General Partner, In-Q-Tel

Mark Breier is an author, investor, and public speaker. His background includes 15 years as technology executive and 10 years in packaged goods marketing. His experience includes VP of Marketing at, CMO at Plantronics, and CEO of Mark’s early years include marketing roles at General Mills, Kraft Foods, and Dreyer’s/Edy’s Grand Ice Cream. Mark grew up in Bethesda, MD and has a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University and M.B.A from Stanford Business School. He is an author of a management best-seller, 10 Second Internet Manager, blogger (, and is the founder of “The Great Turtle Race” He lives in Los Altos Hills, CA with his wife and 3 boys (8, 15, and 18).

Pablos Holman, Futurist, Inventor, Security Expert, and Notorious Hacker

Pablos holds a unique view into both breaking and building new technologies. At Komposite, he consults on bizarre invention and design projects that assimilate new technologies. Previously, Pablos created thigh holsters for cell phones; helped build the world’s smallest PC; spaceships at Blue Origin; artificial intelligence agent systems; and the Hackerbot, a WiFi-seeking robot. Pablos is working at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory where a wide variety of futuristic invention projects are under way including a fission reactor powered by nuclear waste; a machine to stop hurricanes; a tool for deep brain surgery; and tools to help eradicate malaria.

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