Shaking the Money Tree of Multi-Platform Social Networks

Why Pursue a Multi-platform social network strategy? Find Out the Pros and Cons.

6:00pm - 7:00pm - Networking and Hors D'oeuvres
7:00pm - 8:30pm - Panel Discussion and Q/A

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Stanford Business School


Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst
Forrester Research & Blogger of


Sourabh Niyogi, Co-Founder & Vice President of Engineering, SocialMedia

Kevin Marks, Developer Advocate, OpenSocial

Jia Shen, Co-Founder & CTO, RockYou

Steve Cohen, Head of Platform, Bebo

Ken Gullicksen, Managing Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures

Event Description:

Since Facebook launched an open API last summer, it has benefited by seeing a tsunami of more than 15,000 applications created to run on its platform. In November, Google followed suit by introducing its OpenSocial API, which offers participating developers a way to create an application that can run across multiple social networking platforms. Both are compelling approaches, and developers are currently at a crossroads as they decide which of these two approaches to choose and to commit resources for their company?s long-term direction and strategy.

The panel will examine the viability of the multi-platform strategy for social apps, with an emphasis on exploring the revenue side of the equation. Panelists will share their insights across a spectrum of important issues, including: development, deployment, distribution and promotion of the application. Lastly, the panel will discuss how the advertising options shake out on both platforms.

Our forum takes a critical eye from the entrepreneur's perspective to examine unfolding opportunities offered by major social networking platforms, specifically OpenSocial and Facebook.

Moderator & Panelist Bio's:

Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Jeremiah is a well known web strategy and media expert and is sought out by both Fortune 1000 and startup companies. At Forrester Research, he focuses on Social Computing for the interactive marketer.

Prior to joining Forrester, Jeremiah served as the Director of Corporate Media Strategy at, an online media network, where he was responsible for the strategy and development of corporate web programs.? Previously, he founded and led the Community Marketing program at Hitachi Data Systems and has experience in Web Marketing, Intranets, Extranet and User Interface Design at companies, including Exodus Communications, Cable and Wireless, and World Savings (now Wachovia). Jeremiah has a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from San Francisco State University.

Sourabh Niyogi, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering, SocialMedia

Under Sourabh's leadership, SocialMedia has built one of the largest independent social advertising networks where developers can monetize their social applications on Facebook, Bebo, and OpenSocial-based social networks.

Before SocialMedia, Sourabh was a researcher at MIT in cognitive science, computational linguistics and machine vision and consulted for leading ad serving technology companies and performance-driven advertising agencies.

Sourabh holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master?s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.

Kevin Marks, Developer Advocate, Google

Kevin Marks is a developer advocate for OpenSocial at Google, bringing external developers and Google engineers together to make a better web.

Over the last 20 years he's alternated between giant companies and founding startups - BBC, The UK MultiMedia Corporation, Apple QuickTime, Technorati and now Google. The common thread has been working out how people, computers and media can complement each other, and solving the engineering and social problems where they meet. He is one of the driving forces behind and advisor to the Open Rights group.

Kevin holds a Master?s degree in Physics from the University of Cambridge.

Jia Shen, CTO and Co-Founder, RockYou

Jia is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of RockYou and has focused extensively on graphic design and usability throughout his professional web development career spanning over 10 years. Prior to RockYou, Jia has held management roles leading the user interface and technical solutions teams at Open Harbor, and managing the majority of engineering at Iconix. Jia started working on scalable consumer applications at shopping tools internet provider Bluedog, a Stanford-based startup, and was part of the original team at Bell Laboratories which developed the VoiceXML format into the W3C standard. In addition, Jia's experience has spanned enterprise sales and professional services functions, as he closed transactions and integrated with large multi-national corporation customers like Mitsubishi, Tyco, Flextronics, and DHL.

Jia has a double major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Steve Cohen, Head of Platform, Bebo

As head of Platform, Steve leads a team that provides the framework for third-party developers to create fun and engaging applications that run within Bebo. Bebo's platform was the first F8 compatible platform to be released, and currently has over 1000 applications.

He has 8 years of development experience, creating APIs for large online retailers, game companies and social networks. Previously, Steve worked at Digital Chocolate, a mobile gaming company, where he made the server APIs available to select third-party developers. He also designed and implemented the protocol used by phones to communicate with the server and was heavily involved in developing the first mobile game to incorporate social features.? Before Digital Chocolate, Steve worked for, integrating third-party content into the site, augmenting it with calendaring, mail and messaging.

Steve holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the Ohio State University.

Ken?Gullicksen, Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures

Ken joined Morgenthaler in 2001 and is currently a Partner on the boards of imeem, Voltage Security, Digital Railroad, Nominum and Danal Corp. He was either a Series-A lead or co-lead investor in all of the above companies.

Ken has 18 years of experience in Silicon Valley's high-technology industry as CEO, business strategist, marketing/engineering director and venture capitalist. He was founding CEO of FiberStreet, Inc., a gigabit network service provider. Ken previously served as Director of Business Development for Nortel Networks. He held a number of market development and engineering roles at Hitachi-Raychem Display Systems and Sun Microsystems.

Ken has a BS in electrical engineering from San Jose State University and an MBA from Stanford University.

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